Integrative. Reliable. Secure

The travel industry’s most powerful global
processing platform

Flexible payment solutions built on an advanced technology platform

A global financial payments network

Connections to globally established financial institutions allow us to deliver a fully centralised glocal payments platform​

Comprehensive integration technologies

Streamlined integration that delivers a flawless experience for online merchants and customers and is adaptable to new technologies, processes and business needs

Complete eCommerce management

We specialise in the provision of uncomplicated, secure and prompt payment processing networks to both domestic and global businesses​

Seamless payment experiences

Deliver superior payment expeiences with one payments platform. Expand your business into new countries and offer more payment methods

Open up your business to global markets

Our platform offers merchants all the tools they need to accept local and international payments. Our customers benefit from our seamless technology which delivers a simple integration process, a variety of payment APIs, fraud and risk management services and more!

All NextGen FinTech Solutions

Global Acquiring Services

Expand into more markets, accept more payment methods, and experience more advanced functionalities using a single payment platform.

Blockchain Solutions

Access to a range of blockchain powered solutions including digital vouchers & ticketing solutions

Multi-Currency Card Programs

Enables customers and their employees to make payments in the local currency & top-up on holiday or on business trips, with one prepaid credit card.

Payment Processing

NextGen FinTech provides various payment services including bank transfer, alternate payments as well as UnionPay, MasterCard, Visa Cr/Dr card, AMEX processing & more


Merchants without their own international website are able to market, promote & sell their products via our Marketplace

Risk Management

Decrease manual work and gain full visibility of transactions using our risk solution with features tailored to your business

Scalable technology capable of supporting the unique needs of your business

With access to leading support and consulting services, NextGen FinTech can help you build a payment solution that is designed to grow revenues, improve customer experience, digitize systems and meet regulatory requirements. 

Supported Payment Processers